Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pay Roll Cards: a Must for Today’s Global Workforce

Due to the sweeping changes that we’ve seen in technology over the past two decades, today’s workforce no longer faces the same limitations of remaining tied to a desk from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Instead, many of today’s professionals have the opportunity to decide what their workday looks like. As long as employees have a strong internet connection, their offices could virtually be anywhere.

Given the nearly limitless possibilities for where and when employees choose to work, it’s important to offer payment solutions that address this evolving professional lifestyle. Payroll cards offer a viable alternative to direct deposit or traditional paper checks when it comes to distributing employee wages. Payroll cards are issued by major payment processors, and enable workers to use them anywhere credit cards of the same payment processors are accepted. 

Employees that have payroll cards are able to access their wages from an ATM, or even as cash back from an in-store purchase- as one would with a traditional debit or credit card. When members of your workforce are based in other countries, frequently travel, or work as freelancers, payroll cards offer a wonderful alternative to the traditional methods mentioned above because there is an immediacy of payment transfer and accessibility that might otherwise be absent in the payment process for these kinds of employees.

Another advantage to Pay Roll Cards, is that in some cases, these cards can benefit employees who don’t have a bank account because they will have instant access to their salaries. Instead of facing fees for cashing a traditional check, these employees simply use their reloadable pay roll cards in order to access their rightful wages. 

The new technologies involved in payroll card programs affords employers and employees wage payment solutions that offer both parties a plan that is flexible and convenient.