Monday, 28 April 2014

The Management of Corporate Culture: Firoz Patel’s Community-Building at Payza

Corporate culture is a challenging and perplexing problem that businesses leaders around the world grapple with. There are multiple philosophies involving how to create the right corporate culture, each presenting unique benefits and disadvantages, but what is certain is that culture must be rooted in the founding of the company or it is doomed to fail. 

Even when creating an international business that oerates almost entirely online, like Payza, it’s true that culture must be an ideal shaped at the foundation of the company. Payza is available in more than 190 countries, and anyone with an Internet connection can use it. That means local communities are a major part of that company identity. Payza thrives thanks to a strong and loyal community presence in cities from around the world including: Dhaka, Solna, London, and Montreal. 

Community Building

Payza’s Executive Vice President, Firoz Patel, utilizes the company’s influence to help the local population in Montreal. Firoz began by populating the office with a community of like-minded individuals, and then he built the company’s reputation for being charitable through involvement in local events.

The charities vary, but the company holds regular events like the Pie-a-thon. Thanks to their willingness to receive multiple pie throws to the face – at the risk of their pride, clothing and ear canals – Firoz Patel and the Payza team recently raised $1000 for the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. The team hopes this amount will do amazing things for the community organization, and it was miraculous that everything came together in such a short period of time. 

Such is the advantage to building culture from the foundation.  

The Management of Corporate Culture

While such events are not the norm, they do have a unique two-pronged effect. Employees directly contribute to the well-being of their local community, and that helps build a culture of trust and loyalty within the company itself. This loyalty is the secret sauce that makes management of the company possible. With culture, employees can develop and strengthen bonds over shared values and goals that they share. 

Large, global companies are not the exception. At least they don’t have to be. Local culture can be easily overlooked when a company operates at a global scale, but employees don’t need to lose that sense of common good. The reality is that they are providing a service to the entire planet, they just need to step outside the office and see that firsthand. That’s the key. Getting them on their feet, in their communities and providing a helping hand will show them in a very immediate way that their job matters. 

That feeling that this is all worth something, or that employees are building towards something important, is at the heart of Patel’s management style. Whatever visions you may have to become a player on the global stage, servicing your local community is the truest path to success. 


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