Sunday, 17 November 2013

Firoz Patel Cultivates Growth in Under Developed Markets

Similar to the under developed markets that have finally begun to prosper, Firoz Patel has used hard work and dedication to get where he is today. As Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Market Development and Corporate Affairs of Payza, Patel is responsible for the development of the company’s economic and social imprints on a global scale. Under Firoz’s leadership, the global payment platform has opened headquarters in India and the United Kingdom. Payza services are offered to more than 190 countries, and the company is already working with 21 currencies.

Firoz Patel co-founded a globally recognized payment processor in 2004. His company had strong competitiveness in the market, and his innovative expertise helped him secure the aware for Quebec Technology Company of the Year in 2010. AlertPay also won the Alpha Award for Excellence in Consumer Products from the Ville St. Laurent Chamber of Commerce. Patel’s success with the company also made him a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year title. In January 2013, on behalf of Payza, Patel attended Bangladesh's e-Commerce Week 2013 and Dhaka Startup Weekend in Dhaka. At the Payza-sponsored events, Patel held lectures regarding the future of e-commerce, and his strategic visions for the South Asian country. Most of these experiences come firsthand from Patel’s experience with under-developed markets. For instance, Patel spoke at length about the security and infrastructure challenges that Bangladeshis face. 

Payza has managed to gain access to emergine markets like those found in Bangladesh thanks to the vision and resourcefulness of Firoz Patel. Patel has developed an acute understanding of business development from within this market, and he uses this combined with his extensive knowledge of technology to grow in otherwise under-developed markets. 

Payza provides secured transactions across the globe under Patel’s guideance. That means that Bangladesh and other developing markets can finally open up to the world. Patel has become an expert at adapting to these adverse conditions. In Bangladesh, for example, he helped develop more convenient methods for people to use his service like “SimplySend BD”. The service lets anyone send send money to Bangladesh for very low prices. Patel has helped Payza develop secure and convenient solutions available to more than 190 countries around the world. 

Payza launched SimplySendBD with the goal of developing a method for people from underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh to send money home. The process is fast and low cost. With Patel's innovative vision for the service, SimplySendBD is on track to meet the challenges that impoverished markets face. Payza’s SimplySendBD program will serve regions and demographics that are otherwise under-banked with regards to mainstream financial institutions. 

For the past twenty years, Patel has accumulated firsthand experience on working with governments, corporations and communities around the world. Thanks to his efforts, Payza is in the midst of global expansion through strategic partnerships. Patel has also helped multiple businesses to adapt and integrate with these emerging markets, expanding both product reach and revenues. Through his continual efforts at improving he business of payment processing, Firoz Patel is actively involved in the future of Payza and the global financial technology market. 


Firoz Patel has developed a wealth of experience developing relationships with strategic partners around the globe. Thanks to his abilities and resourcefulness, Patel has become an expert at developing markets in underdeveloped regions. Sharing unparalleled expertise, he has helped multiple businesses with their product reach. For more information about Firoz Patel, including professional experience and business advice, visit