Friday, 27 March 2015

The Importance of Inclusion: Firoz Patel Helps Bring Payza to Bangladesh

Most of us have come to expect the first-world comforts of a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or even a smartwatch. In fact, more than a few of us own several, if not all, of those items. They aren’t just our phones, they’ve become lifeline. We connect to the world around us through these new technologies. Yet, not every part of the world has access to such basic luxuries as an Internet connection. Bangladesh, for instance, struggles with reliable access to broadband that is stifling innovation.

The Internet age is at its infancy in places like Bangladesh, and ecommerce is only just beginning to take form. Firoz Patel and the platform Payza are taking a leading role in shaping the industry’s development in these economically disadvantaged parts of the world. Payza has been serving the working-class population of Bangladesh since its formation in 2012, and the company has brought revolutionary online remittance and payment processing services to more than 150 million residents who live there.

“We’re interested in many developing markets,” said Firoz Patel, “people living in these countries have difficulties to overcome that people in developed nations can’t even imagine. This breeds ingenuity. Coming from this type of environment helps you develop different ways of looking at and solving problems. At Payza, we want to give these people every possible opportunity to participate in the global economy.”

For more information on how Payza will impact e-commerce in Bangladesh, visit the Payza Blog: Bangladesh e-Commerce Scene Ready to Jump to the Next Level.