Friday, 1 June 2012

Firoz Patel, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Market Development and Corporate Affairs

Firoz Patel, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Market Development and Corporate Affairs

Firoz is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Payza, a global payment processing technology designed to serve under-developed regions. Firoz helps oversee the company’s portfolio, and plays an active role in cultivating relationships and strategic growth. Patel has also built the company culture from the ground up. Firoz is pivotal to the operation of Payza, and leaves a lasting imprint on the economic and social well-being of the countries he works with.  

Prior to joining Payza, Firoz co-founded AlertPay Inc. The globally recognized brand would help jumpstart Patel’s career, leading to 20 years of experience in the financial technology sector. Thanks to Firoz’s profound understanding of market mechanics, as well as the tools and technology its infrastructure relies on, Firoz led AlertPay to exceptional growth and developed top industry talent. AlertPay earned the Quebec Technology Company of the Year award from in 2010, and the 2011 Industry Alpha Award for Excellence in Consumer Products from the Ville St. Laurent Chamber of Commerce. Under Firoz’s leadership, the company grew profits and market share substantially. Patel was recognized by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year for his achievements.

Firoz is currently in the role of Director of Strategic Partnerships for Payza. He focuses on achieving his business goals while seeking revenue expansion. Firoz sets aggressive goals, leveraging a portfolio of local, national and global partnerships to help achieve those ends. In the process, Firoz works with corporations, communities, government bodies and international associations. As Payza’s Director of Market Development, Firoz is also responsible for expanding product reach and growing revenues for the company. Patel directly oversees the assessment of market opportunities, as well as the implementation of sales strategies and their design. He is an expert in the management of business models, the exploitation of new revenue streams and the optimization of current channels. As Payza’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Firoz acts as a liaison between the company’s board, executive teams and stakeholders. Firoz has a unique ability to articulate the company’s strategic shifts, while managing to convey the strengths of the company’s culture.

Resourceful and innovative, Firoz Patel seeks new opportunities to grow his business, and serve under-developed regions in the world. Firoz has helped to pioneer the advancement of productivity. Through Firoz’s unique vision and leadership skills, AlertPay had grown to more than 8 million members across the globe by the time he began negotiations for the successful purchase of strategic assets for the company he’d founded. Firoz was then recruited as a consultant during the merge of AlertPay and its new parent company Payza. Today, Firoz is responsible for business development and oversees the expansion of processes and technology on the Payza platform.